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  1. Lavkush Balvikash Kendra (Foundling Home)
  2. Gayatri Balika Greh (Destitute Home)
  3. Aastha (Senior Citizens Home)

The activities of all units are described as under -

  Lavkush Bal Vikash Kendra (Foundling Home)

This unit is a foundling home (Shishugrih) for nursing abandoned new born children. These children as per norms can remain in the institute upto 6 years. In order that unwed mother or her relative can confidentially abandon the child without any embarrassment, a cradle has been installed on the front boundary wall of the building. Whenever a child is abandoned in this cradle, simultaneously the electric bell switch is pressed by the beam of the cradle, giving a ring inside the building. The staff mother, on hearing the ring, will come and lift the child and take him to the living room for cleaning and visual examination. The child is named and his name is registered in our record. The child is clothed and immediately taken to hospital for diagnosis intensive care and medical treatment in our Ambulance which is always kept ready. Those children who are not abandoned in the cradle but thrown in sewerage or at lonely places or in fences at villages, are brought by police to us. Such children are also accepted by the unit and given similar treatment as described above. In some cases, The unwed mothers or widows also surrender their child due to some legal circumstance. Such children are also admitted in this unit by getting a surrender deed executed by the unwed mother and her accompanying mother/father she is will explained and made to understand that the surrendered child could be taken back only within 2 (two) months from the date of surrender. If she does not reclaim her child during the above said period, our institution will be free to rehabilitate the child at its own discretion either in India or abroad.

All the children in hospital are given the best possible medical treatment by the child specialists. With each child, our staff mother remains as an attendant in hospital. Since most of the children are born pre-matured due to induced labour by the unwed mother to avoid carrying the pregnancy full term, they are received seriously ill having weight of 1 to 1.7 kg. only. Such children take time to recover and kept in the hospital depending upon the time, they gain their health. About 20 to 25% children do not survive inspite of the best medicines and treatment given. Children when discharged from the Hospital are brought back to Home. They are well nursed with an emotional bond in a humane, constructive, peaceful and healthy atmosphere by the caretaker mothers kept for this purpose. Besides a Pediatric Doctor (Child Specialist) and Staff Nurse have been employed who do the daily check-up of children. The Staff Nurse gives the medicines & injections so prescribed.

  Gayatri Balika Grih (Destitute Home)

The second unit of Navjeewan Sansthan is a Destitute Home for girls above 5 years to 18 years age and named as Gayatri Balika Greh. The girls of unit No.1 who could not be taken in adoption have been accommodated in this unit. Besides, the girls whose parents either both father and mother or any one of them, has expired and are poor and fulfills the definition of "destitute" as defined by the Govt. are also admissible in this Unit. The destitute home has a capacity of accommodate 50 girls in the first floor of the building. This floor has two big halls, one dress changing room, one big block of toilets and one computer room. Rajasthan Govt. has sanctioned only one unit of 25 girls at present.

Besides housing to destitute girls, they are provided with free food, clothing, education and clean surroundings. All the girls are admitted in good reputed schools. The girls are going to schools by our school bus or  a private taxi. The institution has been provided 36 seated Bus for this purpose. In the evening private coaching facilities by appointed teachers have been provided to them. The girls are also given vocational training in arts, crafts cooking and tailoring for which all facilities have been created. Bedsides, the elder girls are given Computer Training for which four computers fully equipped with necessary software are installed in a separate room. An expert instructor gives them training for one hour daily in the morning. All possible efforts are made to develop their characters and abilities to function as a self dependent and self-reliant. Two women supervisors one for the day and other for night has been kept to look after the girls for their all needs. On attaining 18 years age and not willing to study further, the girls are married with suitable match selected by them. Those who want to study further are allowed to join colleges to study in Fashion Design, Engineering, Animation, BCA and MBA courses.  All the girls feel secured, wanted and accepted as they are without any regret. Efforts are made to empower them so as to build confidence in their life.


The purchase of land and construction of magnificent building, play ground and all facilities have been possible on account of social support of philanthropists of the society who have provided financial support to our institution. Different people provide support to institution in different ways. You can support by providing goods in kind. Others donate cash. The collective impact of society action has helped the institution to make a change in the lives of abandoned & destitute children.

The building has been constructed at a cost of about Ninety lakh rupees including cost of Land for the building and the play ground. The building has three floors (i) Basement (ii) Ground Floor (iii) First Floor (iv) Second Floor.

The basement of building has a big Hall having a Library, two Study corners, two Stores, one Record room and one Office. The ground floor has a big hall for infants living ( 0 to 5 years) with intensive care unit having Radiant Warmers, Photo therapy machine for treatment of jaundice and one Incubator.  Attached to hall is a small pantry for warming of Milk etc.  Besides, this floor has infant’s Toilet, Kitchen with Store and a Dinning room.  Institution’s office is also in the ground floor. The first story of building has boarding facilities having two halls for living of Girls. It also has a big Toilet block and a Changing room. A separate room has been kept for keeping Computers. One Supervisor room is also there. The second storey is for elder Girls above 18 years. The top of the building has two Water Heating Solar Plants each of 1000 liters capacity.

Behind and attached to institution's building, there is ground of 2100 sq. meters enclosed by high boundary walls all around. It has one badminton court, a number of wings, slides, merry-go-round, and multi play system for entertainment and play for the inmates. A tube well has been dug from which sweet water is available, fruit trees have been planted near the walls and a big lawn developed.  To  get 24 hour hot water & electricity, solar heating system and solar panels for electricity has been installed.

a  Aastha (Senior Citizen’s Home)

A land of 3143 sq. meters was gifted by a philanthropist family of Shri Sumermalji Bohra in between a Posh Colony of Digvijaya Nagar near Khema-ka-kua on Pal Barmer Road, Jodhpur. Realising the significance of a slow but marked withdrawal of family support and also due to migration of children to cities and other developed regions, it was considered necessary by our Institution to start Senior Citizens’ Home to meet the biological socio economic and emotional needs of old aged people. To construct a building, a foundation laying ceremony was held on 26th December 2004. Three Blocks of building has been constructed  (1) Main Building Block (2) Flats Block (3) Administrative Block.

Main Building Block has 17 rooms with attached bath room for living of husband & wife or two persons. Besides there is a big room for dormitory where 11 beds have been kept. It has also central kitchen and big dinning room. This block has a big basement having a physiotherapy room, a library & reading room, one entertainment room. A lift has been provided from basement to top floor.

Flat’s Block has 18 independent apartments each having one bed room, a big lobby for using as a drawing room, toilet block. In one corner a plate form has been kept to be used as kitchen. This has been necessitated due to the fact some elderly people do not want charity but want to fight deprivation and loneliness. This is a new concept of residential complex which fulfills the desire of above old aged persons. This block has an administrative block of aged people is stored.

a  Administrative Block

In the ground floor, there is a office with a attached store and toilet. Beside, this floor has a dispensary in which two rooms have been kept one for Doctor and other for three beds of patient. Some urgent instruments like Nebulizer, Suction appliance & ECG machines, Blood Pressure Instrument, Drip stand, Oxygen has been provided. On the first floor, two guests house with attached toilets. This floor has two quarters for employees and three single rooms with attached toilets. The second floor has six single rooms with attached toilets..

a  Solar water Heating System and Solar Electric Panels

All the three blocks have solar water heating appliances. Main building has 1500 liters capacity, Flats have 1000 liters capacity and administrative building has 1250 liters capacity. Inmates are getting hot water for 24 hours. Solar Electric Panels have also been installed to meet the emergency.

a  Temple, Garden & Standby Generator Set

The complex has a temple having different IDOLS of all religions. It has a Tin Shed for doing Yoga Aasans. A Generator Set of 50 KVA has been installed to meet emergency when power is shout down for a long time. For short time emergency of Power cut, four invertors have been installed each having capacity of 1500 watts each.


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