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The Primary aim of our Foundling home is to create a climate for adoption as we consider it the best way of rehabilitating the abandoned and destitute children. The adoption activity is looked upon as a part of child welfare programme.  The law of adoption enables a childless person to make some body else’s child as his own. In modern Hindu law, an adopted child shall be deemed to be the child of his or her adoptive father or mother for all purposes with effect from the date of adoption and from such date all the ties of the child in the family of his or her birth shall be deemed to be served and replaced by those created by the adoption in the adoptive family. If confirms on the adopted child the legitimate natural born son’s rights and privileges in the adopter’s family.

Inspite of traditional bias in favour of a male child, many couples are opting for a female child. In fact the girl’s child is seen doubly advantageous capable of being both a bread winner and source of emotional succor in old age. Therefore, all children except those who are physically or mentally handicapped or both, are offered for adoption to childless couples.


Whenever parents come to our Institution for adoption, they are interviewed for their age, date of marriage, place of residence and their income. On finding them as per norms, they are provided with an Application Form  as per Proforma  Annexure “A” alongwith Proformas of Affidavit, Income Certificate, Permanent residence, character, health reports, family history and recommendation of two prominent persons. They are also directed to bring matriculation certificate and a marriage certificate. Those who ask us about the procedures of adoption on phone, they are advised to visit our website. When adoptive patents send the documents, these are scrutinized and if found fulfilling the above criteria, they are registered on payment of Rs.200/- (Rupees Two hundred only) as fee.


Home Study Report of Adoptive Parents is called for through representative of Social Justice & Empowerment Department or through qualified Social Worker. This report being a crucial document, should include the following information of Adoptee Parents.

  1. Name of Adoptive Parents.
  2. Name of Father & Mother
  3. Full Address
  4. Religion
  5. Educational qualification
  6. Profession of both.
  7. Income of both
  8. Financial status as on date
  9. Name of other members living in the house
  10. Health
  11. Joint family or single.
  12. About neighbors
  13. Any dispute in Marriage Life
  14. Attitude towards adoption of Adoptee’s Parents
  15. Miscellaneous knowledge about Adoptive.

On getting turn of Adoptee Parents from the waiting list, they are called to our Institution for identifying the child shown duly matched to them. On their acceptance they are told that at present child will be given in Pre-adoption Foster Care on a temporary basis, keeping guardianship of the child with the Institution till they obtain permission of adoption from District Court. Therefore they should execute a Bond and a Declaration as per prescribed Form on a judicial stamp Paper of Rs.10/- each and to get them notarized. On receipt of the said documents, adoptee parents are given our institution’s order stipulating condition that the child is being on a temporary basis and this guardianship of child will remain with our institution till they obtain order from the District Court of Jodhpur for which they are required to file a petition in the said court under section 7 and 9 (4) of Hindu adoption & Maintenance Act 1956. The Handing over child to adopting parents is done with photography of the same. The parents are also provided with immunization & discharge card along with child’s blood testing reports. The order of adoption when received by them is required to be registered in office of Registrar Jodhpur.


Both the parents and their relatives must be accepting the newcomer in the family. As and when the child reaches the age of understanding, the fact of adoption should be tactfully explained to the child and should never be kept a secret. The knowledge of adoption should be made a part of the child’s growing up process.

For more details of Adoption Procedure Download :
  In Country Adoption                  Foreign Adoption
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(Recommendation by two known distinguished persons but not relatives)

I.............................. Resident of ..............................Have been knowing the prospecting adoptive parents Mr ............................................&Mrs............................................. Both resident of ............................................ for the last..................years. They are married but not having children so far. After adoption of a child, they will become good parents and will rear and take care of the child and do their utmost for his/her development.

1. Signature with sea if any
2. Post / Status
3. Phone No. 

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